Damon Salvatore: Bio

By DonShook

Damon Salvatore is the main male protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore was a vampire of 178 years and distant descendant from Silas. He is now human because his younger brother Stefan Salvatore injected him the Cure. He was the main antagonist in Season One. He was born in 1839. He lived in Mystic Falls, a colonial town, with his brother Stefan and his father Giuseppe Salvatore. His mother Lillian Salvatore also lived there until her death in 1858. In 1864, he became a vampire. Damon and Stefan had not seen each other for fifteen years because of their violent and bitter relationship.

Damon salvatore, a 1950s prisoner, was taken into captivity and tortured by Augustine society. This group, headed by the Whitmore families, experimented with vampires to “bigger purposes”. He met Enzo, another prisoner during his five-year captivity. They became good friends. The plan they had made fell apart at the last moment. Damon thought Enzo “died” due to him and turned off his humanity in an effort to suppress his guilt and sadness. He wanted revenge and hunted down every Whitmore descendant over the generations until he killed Aaron Whitmore.

Damon came back to Mystic Falls to rescue his sire Katherine Pierce, whose sole purpose was to get her out of a grave she never entered. Damon still deeply loves her after 145 years. He realized that Katherine had never loved him. His love for her faded and his friendship and love for Elena grew. Because of her influence on him, and his stronger relationship with his brother. They began to work together to protect Elena and her friends. He lived in Salvatore Boarding House with his brother Stefan and Elena, his girlfriend (while she was away at college) as well as her brother Jeremy Gilbert.

Due to Stefan’s fall prey to Klaus, Damon Salvatore was the deuteragonist for the Season Three.

His bond with Elena grew throughout the series and eventually they fell in love. After Elena’s death, and her subsequent transformation into a vampire, Elena began to feel more for Damon. She then confessed her love for him in Season Four. They realized that Damon’s blood had turned Elena into a vampire. This made it difficult for them to be able to tell if their feelings for Damon were genuine or sire-bonded. However, most people who knew Elena believed that Elena would eventually return to Stefan once the sire bonds was broken. Elena turned off her emotions after Jeremy passed away. After she switched them on again, the sire bond was severed and Elena admitted that Damon was her true love and that she still had feelings for him.

Season Five saw him discover Enzo’s undead status, and the two became close friends again. After “Elena” split with him, he ended his evil plan against the Whitmore families and was then given a dangerous compound by Wes Maxfield. This caused him to become the only Augustine Vampire. He became obsessed with vampire blood, and would not stop eating until he was dead. Thanks to Caroline, Stefan and Enzo, he was eventually cured. Damon salvatore, who was trying to save his loved ones from the Other Side, gave up his life in order to save them. This caused Elena, Stefan and Alaric great grief.

Damon and Bonnie are trapped in a 1994 Prison World. Damon initially thought it was his personal hell. They were constantly reliving the day Damon believed was the most terrible thing Damon had ever done. Bonnie believed her grandmother sent them there, and that there was a way to get out. They collaborated to find a way to return to Mystic Falls. They formed an alliance to defeat Kai. He was able form a healthy friendship and became friends with Bonnie. Bonnie was able to send him home after Bonnie left Kai alone. Damon believed Bonnie had been killed, but he soon realized that she was still alive and he was determined to get her back. He returned home to discover that Elena had Alaric forced her to forget all of their past relationships. He tried to win her back. Damon quickly learned about Liz’s illness and she died in hospital shortly thereafter. He was devastated. Soon, he was reunited with Bonnie. Bonnie showed Damon a video of a mysterious woman who was actually Damon’s mom.

Bonnie managed to escape 1994 prison by traveling to Nova Scotia, where she rediscovered her magic using Qetsiyah’s calcified blood in Silas’ tombstone. She also took the Cure for vampirism with her and gave it back to him. He in turn gave it to Elena. He expressed his desire to be human and take the Cure for vampirism with him. Kai put Elena under a sleeping spell and tied it to Bonnie’s body. This was supposed to keep Elena in a mystical state until Bonnie died. Elena would then remain asleep. Damon salvatore was deeply affected by this, and he said a hard goodbye to Elena, as he locked her up in a coffin, while Bonnie lived out her last days.

In Season Eight’s I Was feeling Epic, Bonnie broke the spell and allowed Elena to wake up. Damon was able to reunite her with Elena. The final flash forward saw Damon, a newly human, marry Elena Gilbert. They lived a happy and long life together until their deaths and then finding peace.

Bonnie Bennett, Alaric Saltzman, and Elena Gilbert were his best friends. Elizabeth Forbes was his close friend until her passing. His relationship with Caroline Forbes, his sister-in law, has improved over the past season. They now consider themselves to be close friends. Damon salvatore was best friends with Enzo since the moment he met him. Stefan killed Enzo.