Craigslist Nashville: How do you safely shop?

By DonShook

According to Metro Police Fraud Unit Sergeant. Michael Warren said that his department has been overwhelmed by reports about scams involving transactions made through craigslist nashville, Facebook Marketplace, and other online person-to-person selling sites.

Warren stated that he deals with 150-200 reports per week and that a large percentage of them (craigslist/Facebook Marketplace scams) as Warren encouraged potential buyers to be cautious and look out for red flags.

The detective stated that scams are common every day. It is true that my grandmother once said that if it sounds too good to be true it is probably true.

Warren stated that he had just taken down a man selling a stolen phone. He noted that there are so many phone thefts from purses and cars, which means that there is a huge supply of stolen phones.

His department is often left with two victims when a deal fails: the victim from whom the phone was stolen and the one who bought the stolen phone unknowingly.

Craigslist Nashville Avoid Ticket Sales

This is a very risky way to buy tickets for concerts, Titans tickets, TPAC ticket tickets. Warren stated that people send money through an app and never receive the tickets or get fake ones.

  • He was reminded of a Taylor Swift concert in Nashville, where more than 50 people were scammed.
  • According to industry statistics, ticket fraud is estimated at nearly 5 million concert-goers annually.

Real Estate Scams

Warren’s unit is the subject of many reports about real estate scams. The “bad guy” copies a legitimate listing for a sale or rental and then duplicates it on craigslist nashville, or any other site, changing the contact information.

Prospects who get in touch with the “bad guy” make sweetheart deals like $700 per month for apartments. They also prey on their urgency to obtain a deposit or month’s rent for property they don’t own or rent. Warren stated that they are focusing on Nashville’s high demand for affordable housing.

Take your Time

Warren stated that in addition to the desire for a bargain, victims can be influenced by the “fear and urgency”, which sellers use to pressure them into buying a product. One common tactic is to make buyers feel that they must make a decision in a matter of minutes to secure the deal.

He said, “Many things go unreported because people feel embarrassed.” Detectives often hear victims say, “I cannot believe I fell for that.”

Craigslist Nashville Cars for Sale has seven tips to help you stay safe when shopping on craigslist nashville. You might also need to make sure that the seller has the paperwork necessary to prove that they are the original owner.

It is smart to test drive the car. Warren also encourages buyers to pay the small fees to have CarFax run on the car in order to obtain vital information.

Sellers Beware

Sellers should be cautious, as the fraud unit has seen a lot of fake money in these transactions.

They sell whatever it is, and then they return home with five $100 bills. However, it turns out that it is fake money. The bundle is sold for a pittance.

Sometimes a seller will show a buyer a piece of jewelry or a phone, and then the buyer grabs it and runs. Warren stated, “Snatching and grabbing is what they do.”

Sgt. Warren’s Tips

In case of trouble, meet in public places, with video if possible. Buyers may meet sellers in the parking lot of a police precinct. This is because there is video. This is a great option because it allows you to meet with sellers even if they are not up to the task.

You should ensure that you get what you paid for. Warren recalls a case in which a seller sold an iPad at a very high price. They wrapped it in plastic and presented it as a brand new iPad. The wrapper was only a piece made of glass that looked like an iPad when the buyer returned home. Buyers should research the product before the meetup to ensure they know if it is real.

Avoid sending money before you receive a purchase. There is a good chance that you will not see your money or the purchase again.

Safety is in the company of others. Bring a friend if you’re meeting someone to buy. A friend can be a witness in case things go wrong, and it may also offer protection. According to, “If there is no one available, let them know where and who you are meeting.”

Be aware of who you’re dealing with. Warren stated that victims often tell detectives who they are when they ask them about their victim. When we ask for a lastname, they will say that they just got a name. Warren suggests asking for a driver’s license to verify the identity of the person you are purchasing from. Know that scammers often use prepaid phones that they throw away, and leave no trace of their true identity.

Consider using Square or Paypal instead of cash, especially if the amount is large. Warren stated that if they’re reluctant to give you money, it might not be a good sign. It also leaves us with a few breadcrumbs to follow.”

Your personal information should be protected He advises against giving out your address, workplace, or any other information that could expose you to identity theft.

Never visit the home of another person. Never permit anyone to accompany you to the ATM. Never allow buyers to set up payment plans.

Trust your gut instincts. According to, “Go with what you feel.” If the seller refuses to meet you at certain locations or doesn’t provide you with further information, it’s a red flag.

Report the incident. Contact the police and the site from which the transaction originated if you’re robbed or swindled on craigslist Nashville. He suggested that the incident be posted on social media so other potential victims are warned.