These are the details about the American Welding Society

By DonShook

These are the details about the American Welding Society

Discover more about the American Welding Society (AWS), established in 1919 as a non-profit organisation to promote science and technology related to welding and related joining processes.

Nearly 70,000 members worldwide are dedicated to the primary mission of their society. Not only do they support welders, but also business leaders, fabricators and service/sales team leaders – there is room for everyone within this vibrant group. Furthermore, those with certificates related to welding can gain knowledge about the process by using different credentials.

Since 1976, when the Certified Welding Inspector program began, AWI has granted certification to over 97,000 welding inspectors.

AWS’ headquarters are in Miami, Florida but originally had their corporate office in New York State. Although The American Welding Society’s main offices remain there, they have built relationships with welding societies and experts around the world to uphold high standards for welding professionals.

What are the Advantages of Becoming Certified by AWS?

According to its website, AWS’ mission statement is “Advancing science, technology and applications of welding and cutting, allied joining and other processes worldwide”–this includes soldering, brazing as well as thermal spraying.

They fund the training of welding professionals as well as other related specialists. Earning certification through the American Welding Society is an excellent way to jump-start your career in this area – it’s open to all, including fabricators, welders, business leaders, sales/service team members, traders and academic institutions and scholars.

  • You can proudly show your colleagues that you have passed an extensive test administered by the Qualification and Certification Board (AWS), showing them you are certified.
  • We could list a multitude of advantages that come with earning your certificate from the American Welding Society.
  • Showing that you’re dedicated to improving your welding abilities could open new career prospects for you.
  • Proof that your work experience has been validated by a certification and qualification board based on accepted welding guidelines and standards.
  • Demonstrating that you are capable of taking on an elevated position in your professional career and eager to learn more will give you an advantage over competitors.
  • Certification from the American Welding Society will earn you higher wages; certified individuals receive additional payments.
  • Employers will take notice of your more experience than those without certificates.

Businesses can benefit from certification, as the American Welding Society does not just cater to welding professionals. Anyone – from entrepreneurs to schools – can take advantage of having an official certification.

Businesses can gain an edge by earning AWS certification for excellence in employee education – which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Businesses that possess AWS certification are more likely to experience greater growth rates than those who lack qualified personnel.