How to hire for your business: 6 people you should hire

By DonShook

Here are some common first-hire suggestions to help you find the right people for your business.

It is smart to start with the top and then grow your team as your resources permit.

When you are hiring for startup positions, it is important to strengthen your business’s relationships both internally and externally.

When filling startup jobs, keep your company culture in consideration.

8 Startup roles available to hire

1. Chief executive officer (CEO), chief operations officer (COO).

The CEO and COO are two of the most important players in your company. The CEO usually oversees the overall direction and vision of the company, while the COO is responsible for the day to day operations.

These positions can be hired externally, but founders usually take these responsibilities. Tierra Wilson is co-founder and CMO at Lovely Impact. She recommends that you start as the CEO before you hire outside. Hire the following seven positions if you and your cofounders are already planning to assume these titles and responsibilities.

2. Product manager

Your product manager is your first point of contact for all matters related to your products. This person is responsible for product vision, development, and strategy. This person works closely with the marketing and engineering teams to market and create your products.

Vince Repaci, senior coach for LOVR Atlantic, stated that founders may find it difficult to hire a product manager because they are often the default product manager and invested heavily in their products.

3. Chief technology officer (CTO), and VP engineering hybrid

Your business’s success is dependent on having a team member that is skilled in technology and development, particularly for startups. While you can hire back-end and front-end engineers from freelancers, it is more beneficial to have someone within your company who takes care of this area. This role can be split into two positions as your team grows.

4. Chief marketing officer (CMO), hybrid community manager

This person will be focused on your customers and their perceptions of your product or service. Andrews stated that it is crucial to hire a marketing expert and an expert in promotion skills to ensure your vision reaches a broad audience.

Wilson stated, “Find a marketing director who is a master of all trades.” They should be able write copy, design collateral, code landing page codes, manage social media marketing campaigns, and run ad campaigns.

5. Sales manager

The team member will be responsible for generating leads and making money for your company. Wilson stated that startups and small-business owners who are skilled in sales will last longer than those who don’t.

She said, “Find a great sales rep or manager and use the money they bring in for hiring more people.” This is the most difficult position to hire for but it is worth the effort and time to find the right person.

Experts suggest that startups outsource their accounting or finance functions. However, if your company has the ability to hire a CFO it can be very beneficial for your business.

6. Chief financial officer (CFO).

Experts suggest that startups outsource their accounting or finance functions. However, if your company has the ability to hire a CFO it can be very beneficial for your business.

Andrews stated, “It is essential that you have someone in the team who can handle the money and has the eye for detail to oversee all aspects of the company‚Äôs finances.” “In the initial stages, this will include major issues such as bank lending or leasing premises. It will also cover everyday necessities such as paying suppliers and managing the cash.