IT Support Cost Management

By DonShook

To outsource IT service for information technologies demands is essential to empower small and medium sized companies to enjoy efficient methods without any hassle. Unless your organization is big enough to maintain a fulltime, qualified individual to deal with the procedures, the everyday problems that arise can enormously impact staff productivity, in addition to your own IT expenditure management.

If your company has two workstations and a printer, then the very last thing you need is to spend a day hoping to locate somebody to reconfigure your notebook at a hefty cost. For a company with 12 to 20 workstations, however, odds are that your fulltime, mid-level Toronto IT Support person isn’t likely to have the ability to solve every difficulty you experience. He can be capable of installing applications, but server tracking and media could be beyond his skills. It is expensive to hire a top notch person who will do the complex work, only for the few hours per week required for those jobs.


The main advantage of outsourcing your service needs to managed IT solutions is enhanced IT cost control, and the savings in time and money which it is possible to realize by doing this. Whether you choose on a managed service contract or ad hoc solutions, outsourcing allows you to prevent a massive cash outlay if something goes wrong. Quick service is another advantage, as is needing help a telephone call away when problems occur.

Under a service contract, IT service companies monitor the host on a regular basis, running diagnostic applications from a distant location to spot and handle any issues proactively before they impact your system. The IT cost control contract covers all normal maintenance tasks like security and software upgrades, information backup, and also the supply of first-level support to your employees using telephone and email. Ad hoc services comprise sending a professional technician to repair issues, and you pay only for services rendered – not to the time that it requires the tech to familiarize himself with your installation.


As with most options, there are pros and cons for outsourcing. While the benefits are plentiful, particularly concerning the IT cost control, a couple dangers do exist you have to take into consideration. These mainly revolve round availability of services, like an outside contractor needing unrestricted use of a premises. Though most IT service companies employ staff who are bonded and insured, if your core business is something tremendously confidential this might be problematic for you.

Additional risks include time, which may be an issue if you’re in the practice of critical function as soon as your system goes down. You might want to wait several hours to your active technician to complete at another website and arrive in your assumptions. Remote access from the service supplier depends on internet connectivity, and when that is down the tech might not have the ability to perform his tasks when they’re due.

As a small or medium sized business owner, outsourcing your own pc support can only help you when it comes to your own IT cost control, improved efficiencies and enhanced productivity for your employees.