Consider some tips below to make your vacation in Bali more comfortable

By DonShook

Are you planning to travel to Bali? This article will give you some tips that should be done for your next visit to Bali. As one of the most populated island in the southern hemisphere, Bali is a kind of paradise. Some areas in southern Bali are very dense, making some people lazy to leave their hotel and walk away in the middle of the crowd. Is R & R you want? If so, then Kuta is not your desire. In essence, everything you do in Bali should be considered carefully, based on your needs.

Do not think about a strict diet while you are in Bali

You do not need a strict diet to keep you away from the toilet. We certainly realize that the fruit slices, salad, and some kind of meat should be avoided, but as a standard of cleanliness in Bali has improved over the last few years supported by a growing number of kitchens that provide quality organic products, and then you can relax! Of course you still need to restrict wine, as it can cause indigestion.

Dressing for some specific places

Several bars and high-end restaurants implement a dress code, and if you’re not confident in a situation, then you should ask someone else.

Respect religious norms

Hinduism is very important in Bali, therefore you need to keep yourself to not do anything that could disrupt local religious ceremonies. You have to plan your activities so as not to conflict with some of the holy days, especially Nyepi, when all places are closed, including airport, terminals, and ports. Always dress modestly (covering knees and shoulders) when visiting temples.

Preparing some vouchers

You still have the possibility to visit Bali with not too much money by staying at low rate inns usual scattered on the beach, eating at cheap restaurants, and buying souvenirs only at traditional markets. But you cannot avoid when you try spa treatments usually sold for the same rates defined in the United States or United Kingdom. Therefore you need to look for various discounts online.

Beware of wild animals

Limit your interactions with stray dogs because although they look cute and harmless, but they may have been contaminated by rabies. Wild monkeys can also be dangerous so that you have to keep your kids away from them. If you want to do something good, consider donating to Bali Dog Refuge (, a non-profit organization that works by rehabilitating stray dogs in Bali.

Avoid plastic water bottles

Bali climate supports what called the constant hydration, but you also need to consider the effect of plastic water bottles on the environment. A recent study reported that three million new plastic bottles pollute Bali every year.

Rainy season

If you hear the “low season”, it often means the rainy season. Of course you will have more discounts but your vacation will be limited by a splash of water from the sky.


Make a bargain with respect and smile. Make sure you know if a seller has reached his limit in lowering price.

Bali is deemed safe enough, although was rocked by some terrorist attacks a few years ago. But with millions of tourist who visit the island every year, make sure you do not do anything that could pose a security risk for you and your family.


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