Why You Should Go To Myanmar Now

By DonShook

After years of isolation, Myanmar now is a very interesting travel destination of all kinds: culture unveils, adventure, ocean safari, river cruise, ballooning, bird watching, going green, and trekking over snowcapped mountain. Since 2012, there are more areas are opened to offer deeper experience of the country.

The travel expert from Authentic Asia Tours who offers many beautiful Myanmar Tours reveals some ideas of what to do in Myanmar for first time visitors:

Taking a River Cruise
Embarking cruisers between Pyay and Mandalay on 11-night itineraries provides you a life time journey and you will understand better about George Orwell`s novel: the Burmese Days.
There are many luxury cruises both the Irrawaddy and its tributary, the Chindwin. Myanmar’s cruising season generally starts from August to April, avoiding the monsoon season. Highlights include sliding through shimmering pagodas, temple plains-studded landscapes and discovering quiet rural villages.

Explore Inle Lake
This scenic shallow lake is located in Shan State on the elevation of 900 meter, is famous for its overwater stilt villages, floating gardens and the image of fishermen who possess distinctive “leg-rowing” technique.
Do not miss your chance to visit one of the rotating markets around the lake, especially in Indein village where you can combine with a light hike.

Fly over Bagan with Balloon
The arid Bagan plain is filled by over 2500 Buddhist temples and pagoda dating from as far back as the 11th century. Though the earthquake ruined many sites, what remains is so impressive that it’s worth the early rise up and big bucks for a balloon trip.

Visit Shwedagon Pagoda
There is no way that you visit Myanmar without seeing the holy site of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. To join the faithful, dress modestly and remove footwear
The pagoda is said to contain eight hairs of the Buddha, thousands of diamonds, gold and rubies.
The best time to see Shwedagon is actually at night when it is illuminated – the golden flash is visible from everywhere of the city.

See the world`s largest book
Situated at the foothill of MandalayKuthodaw Inscription Shrines has 729 stone slabs inscribed with all of the Buddhist scriptures. Each tablet is housed within its own small white shrine
this collection of scriptures is known as the largest book for religion and it was granted World Heritage site in Myanmar in 2013.

Photograph the Ubien
Not far from Mandalay, the world`s longest teakwood bridge spans over 1,2km on Tamanthaung lake with four interruptive covered pavilions features one of the best place to spot the sunset in Myanmar.
There is no better chance to behold the sun goes down to the water level through the bridge`s column.

Myanmar of course has more to offer for every traveler. Simply taking a Myanmar Visa and you will be amazed once you are inside the country. There are friendly people and their own sealed tradition awaits your discovery whether you are interested in culture, architect or an adventurers looking for a life changing experience… all are possible in Myanmar.