Your Career Plan Must Always Be Considered in Making Career-Related Decisions

By DonShook

Both students and current professionals can begin to draft a plan for their careers. Students upon graduation can begin realizing their career plan especially that they have already received proper preparations and career advices from their school, parents, and peers. Professionals may commence establishing their own career based on their present job easily because they are already employed or have something to begin with.

For students, choosing the job after graduation is highly significant for the manner and phase of realization of one’s career plans. Due to distressed economic situation we are in right now, some jobs fit or ideal for one’s career plans are not readily available hence one has to hold in abeyance such plan. However, this does not mean he or she won’t work anymore pending the availability of such desirable job. He or she can still find temporary work for the time being as a means of living. This makes the person work for a job which does not in any manner contribute to the realization of his or her career plans. Although there are some very few exceptions to this where such job is partly related to the career desired by the person, the point still remains that such realization of career plan is either postponed or delayed. Hence, it is highly advised that choosing a job or upon engaging in any endeavors, one must seriously consider the plan or path sketched for his or her career. Such consideration can be greatly helpful if one seeks for a career advice from friends, family, or human resource management professional.

Professionals need not go through the same grueling process of determining which job best prepares them for the realization of their career plan. Since they are already employed, all they have to do is map out the opportunities available to establish a career within the system he or she is already a part of. A professional simply finds ways of utilizing present opportunities in such a way that the career plan is benefited. In so doing, one has to decide whether or not his or her current job provides for such opportunity or one has to find a new one where he or she can be certain that a career can be drawn out from such job. Although the latter option is quite risky, it can be a necessary sacrifice to allow for something better to come in that will significantly contribute to the needs of building a career. Hence, if one is already employed but seems to have a mere job without a career, he or she must seek career advice to strategically asses and calculate the risks and benefits of either staying or leaving the present job.

Considering all of these premises, it clearly and simply shows that if one is really serious and committed in making a career of his or her own, that person must take into great consideration the career plan in every decision-making. A career is easily affected both internally and externally of the person. Economy, politics, and other social factors affect your career plan. However, a strong foundation within yourself and a strong support system that provides for sound career advices can easily overcome such adverse effects to your career. Hence, a career advice is often needed to ensure that your decisions complement your career plan.