Today’s Top 10 TV Shows – Find Your Next Career

By DonShook

If you’re out of work or going through a job transition, chances are you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next career move. There’s only so many times you can comb the want ads or the job listings on Monster, so for some new career options, look no further than your favorite TV shows.

According to TV Guide, the series listed below are the hottest things in broadcasting. Our executive team of expert TV viewers has spent countless hours researching and analyzing each show, and produced the following list of career options to help you find your dream job.

Top Show #1: The Bachelorette
On The Bachelorette, the spin-off of The Bachelor, one lucky lady gets to choose a potential fiancé from a cast of 25 available bachelors. The men are asked to live in a house together and compete in challenges, where the winners get a date with the Bachelorette. Spa getaways, dramatic montages, and other hijinks ensue.

Career to consider: Professional Matchmaker
While The Bachlorette’s track record isn’t the best, you could have far better luck entering the matchmaker field. Specifically, consider becoming an employment matchmaker. These savvy professionals use their skills to match jobseekers and hiring managers so that both sides get what they’re looking for.

Careers in this field include career counselors, recruiters, human resource managers, and vocational rehabilitation counselors.

Top Show #2: True Blood
It seems no matter where you turn these days, you can’t help but bump into a vampire. While the Twilight series is ruling the box office, this HBO series originally owned the vampire market with the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, and Bill, her vampire boyfriend.

Career to consider: Culinary Arts
If Sookie’s waitress job at Merlotte’s speaks to you, consider pursuing a career in the culinary arts. In addition to waitressing, a culinary arts degree can lead to a catering career or food service manager career.

If cooking is more up your alley, consider starting a career as a chef or pastry chef. (An added bonus: attending culinary school is great way to make sure you always have something to sink your teeth into. Pun intended.)

Top Show #3: So You Think You Can Dance & Top Show #4: Dancing With the Stars
This one is a tie! By holding the #3 and #4 spot, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars show America’s love for all things dance-related.

Career to consider: Choreographer
If you’re a former dancer with extensive knowledge of dance in all its various forms, this could be the career for you. Choreographers on the ones who make these reality TV shows-as well as ballets, musicals, concerts, and recitals-come to life.

Top Show #5 American Idol
The hosts may have changed, but the game on this reality show remains the same. A panel of expert judges whittles down a field of competitors each week until they find the next “American Idol.”

Career to consider: Arts Manager
Simon, Paula, Randy, and all the rest have to really know their stuff to pick out the most talented performer on stage. Like any good arts manager, they need knowledge of not just music, but business and marketing also, to make the magic happen. If this sounds like you, consider becoming an arts manager.

Top Show #6: Lost
Although the ending of the popular series Lost might have been a little fuzzy, the premise was clear: a plane crash leaves the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 stranded on a dessert island, where they battle polar bears, the Others and the mysterious Man in Black.

Career to consider: Pilot
Becoming a pilot is a great career option for anyone looking to travel and see the world. The extensive pilot training is time-consuming, but is well worth it. (You don’t, after all, want to wind up on a deserted island and become an experimental subject for the Dharma Initiative.)

Top Show #7: NCIS
NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In this drama, the plot follows a team of special agents who police and investigate crimes in the Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Career to consider: Criminal Justice
If you want to be involved in law enforcement of any kind, criminal justice is the way to go. Getting a criminal justice degree can get you started as a police officer, correctional officer, private investigator, and much more.

Top Show #8: Grey’s Anatomy
With all the drama on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s a wonder the doctors and interns of Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital find time to treat patients. That’s ok, though; while they may not be the perfect picture of health care, the characters on this prime time soap opera keep us in stitches.

Career to consider: Doctor
On Grey’s Anatomy, you’ve watched Meredith, Izzy, and George go from bumbling medical students to full-fledged doctors. If watching the show makes you want to don medical scrubs and perform open heart surgery, consider a career as a physician.

Other healthcare options include physicians assistant, registered nurse, and EMT/paramedic.

Top Show #9: 24
If you’ve never watched 24, considering taking the plunge and spending 24 hours in the life of super agent Jack Bauer. Jack spends his days (each series covers one 24-hour period) fighting crime and protecting the country with LA’s Counter Terrorist Unit.

Career to consider: Homeland Security
In recent years, the opportunities for homeland security careers have grown exponentially. Careers in this industry include border agents, immigration officers, emergency mangers, and of course, secret service agents.

Top Show #10: Criminal Minds
Not a show to watch when you’re home alone, Criminal Minds follows the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit as they track fictional serial killers across the country.

Career to consider: FBI Agent
If you want to work for the FBI and help catch the bad guys, getting a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, criminal psychology or law is a great place to site. Anyone who wants to join the FBI has to go through its academy, which involves rigorous mental and physical preparation.

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