The unfortunate experience with Flight delays and positive approach

By DonShook

We being humans come across many experiences in our lives which could be either being fortunate or unfortunate. Flight delay cannot be a good experience for anyone it basically falls under the category of an unfortunate experience. Indeed it becomes a stressful memory but we always learn from the bad experiences. There can be many reasons leading to a flight delay. It could be due to bad weather conditions, some technical and mechanical issues or due to strike of the customers. In such a case the most important aspect of individual’s personality is to have self control and not to lose the patience. In case of some emergency the positive approach to deal with the problem is very important as nothing in the world is based on idealism but realism; therefore it is pertinent to follow the personal approach.

The unfortunate experience with Flight delays and positive approach

I also came across an unfortunate experience with the flight delay but I approach very positively towards that emergency. This occurred while I was traveling to Bangkok from to Incheon, it was a connecting flight and I had already checked out from the hotel I was staying in. I was not informed before leaving the hotel that there is some flight delay as soon as I reached the airport, I heard the announcement that due to some technical issue the flight has been delayed for unknown period of time. I felt very disappointed and belligerent but didn’t lose the nerves. Indeed I was desperately in a bad situation as it was not possible to go back to hotel or look for alternative accommodation. Since I was not sure how long will it take to get the mechanical issues done, I spoke to the airline representative to get another connecting flight but I couldn’t even get that.

Strategy to deal with flight delays

The very next thing I did was to call my Nanny who was coming to pick me up meanwhile the announcement was made that flight is late for six hours; it was like a miracle to me. I felt relaxed and planned how to make best use of these available six hours?

The online information helped me to know that I can get the compensation for the flight delay.  I was fortunate to be eligible for a refund. I planned to apply for a refund as soon as I get back to my destination.

The next hardest thing was how to spend the 6 hours and while thinking this I was becoming more and more frustrated but then I looked around and realized that I am not the only one who is suffering but many who are also having their kids along. This was indeed very important to realize because my anger was mounting due to frustration. I left the airport took a cab and left for shopping. I had a wonderful experience of shopping there as previously I could not take out time to go on shopping. I took the flight delay as an opportunity to do shopping and got some really nice shirts. When I returned at the airport, the technical issue was over and I was off to Inchon.