Plan a Relaxing Hunter Valley Retreat

By DonShook

There are a lot of places that you can go for your next holiday. If you are in the mood for something a little different from your average trip to the city or the beach, you should consider taking a holiday at Hunter Valley. Unlike holidays that are designed for non-stop activity, this is a destination that allows visitors to relax and catch a breath of fresh air.

Plan a Relaxing Hunter Valley Retreat

Get Away to the Countryside

When your life is all about being on the move, a visit to the countryside is a way to slow things down and appreciate the beauty thatĀ surrounds them. Visitors have come to love Hunter Valley wine tours because they are fun and offer visitors a sneak peek into all of the processes that go into creating fine wines from the region.

Wine tours allow visitors to spend time in the oldest and most refined vineyards in all of Australia, as well as sample wines from all of the cellars in which they visit. Best of all, no one in your party has to worry about driving because one is hired to bring you to all the great wine cellars in the region.

Everyone in your party gets to experience the wines, without having to worry about who is in charge of driving. Participants in the tour will also be treated to lunch as part of their tour. At the end of the day, you will be presented with a cheese platter and chocolate desserts to put a sweet end to your excursion.

Once the tour has ended, your driver will return you to your hotel, resort or bed and breakfast.

Plan Your Visit Today

If you have weighed your options for a great holiday, you will be amazingly happy with your decision to visit the Hunter Valley area. It is a pleasant retreat for groups of all sizes. If you are looking for a romantic weekend with your partner, you can find cosy accommodations with beautiful views of the valley and miles of beautiful vineyards. If you are travelling in a larger group, you can book large country estates in the region.

Couples will enjoy staying in a country cottage. Cottages are quaint. Most have one bedroom, so they are perfect for people who want privacy, even if they are travelling in a larger group.

Homesteads and Country homes are much larger and can accommodate larger groups up to 24 people. These homesteads feature multiple bedrooms so everyone in the group has some amount of privacy while travelling with friends or family. Additionally, these homes have multiple bathrooms and other amenities to make your stay one that you will not soon forget.

This is a perfect getaway that gives visitors the chance to get in touch with nature and truly appreciate the great bounty and beauty of the area. Since rooms and tours tend to book quickly during the busy tourist season, it is always a great idea to reserve your spots in advance of your desired stay to assure that you get the rooms and tours that you desire.