Local SEO Tips: How To Analyze The Competition

By DonShook

When you look at your competition, it’s vital to have an open mind. This makes it easier for you to analyze the information that they present to you through their frontend. Instead of trying to nitpick things that you believe they have over your company, you should look at the grand scheme of things. This way, you can take advantage of SEO local services to help you make the necessary adjustments needed to improve your own local SEO.

Search Them

At the end of the day, searching your competition is how you can learn the most about their company. Do they dominate the local SEO whenever you try for location-specific services within the same industry as your business? Try to look at the links that they have which rank above yours. Look at the content that they have on those pages and see where your own pages are lacking.

Understand Consumers

Just because your competition is in the same industry doesn’t make them direct competitors to you. They may be your competition due to the nature of the business that both of your companies have, but they may have a different audience being targeted. Take a look at the consumers that they have through various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Compare that data to what you have on your own target demographic.

What They’re Lacking

When you’ve figured out what they have over you, it’s time to figure out what you have over them. You should not be complacent whenever a link that you have ranks higher than theirs. You should look for constant updates to the stream of content that you put out. This may come in the form of off-site content as well such as reviews, social media posts, and citations on other sites.

Ask Around

SEO local services are sometimes open to sharing information regarding previous clients as long as it is public information. This can make it easy for you to gather as much data as possible since you are going straight to the source. Make sure that you corroborate this data with the strategies that you are currently using to promote yourself through SEO.

On-site and Off-site

There are various factors that you have to consider when taking a look at your competition. Those are also divided by two: on-site and off-site. They may be benefiting from reviews that you can find on blogs and sites that are not within their control. If they are and you’re not, then you should do an outreach to gain reviews of your own from other platforms. There are tools that you can take advantage of for this matter.

Data Mining

Mining the data of your competition is a tedious process. It’s paramount that you designate this task to a company that provides SEO local services. This will give them the right tools to use in order for them to get accurate information. What you believe would be minor things such as the placement and order of the city, state, and ZIP code could make or break their recipe for SEO. The URL of their landing page may also play a major factor in their tactics.
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