How to prove to my teacher that my essay was not plagiarized

By DonShook

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the work by someone else or ideas as your thoughts and incorporates it without acknowledging the author. This definition of plagiarism covers all materials in manuscript (unpublished) print or electronic form.

Plagiarism can be intentional, unintentional or reckless. It is an academic theft to use someone else work in scholarly papers and schools punish reckless and deliberate plagiarism. An accusation causes jitters, and a student should know “how to prove to my teacher that my essay in snot plagiarized”   in case of such a claim.

 How to Refute a Plagiarism Accusation

If a teacher says, your work has plagiarism you should take these exonerating steps if your conscience is clear.

 Clarify the meaning of remarks by the teacher

Do not start planning how to proof your innocence before you determine whether the professor is asking a question to gauge your best custom essay writing services answer or accusing you formally. If you believe that your work does not have a copy and paste the content, you will decide how to respond when you know the position of your tutor regarding the matter.

 Review the work

You can only determine if your work raises questions by reviewing it. You should admit if you learn that your essay has plagiarized because it will be more complicated if you start defending an offense.  You should explain any unintentional plagiarism if you find out that the paper is not unique because of mistakes such as forgetting a quote or wrong citation. Arrange for a private meeting with your teacher to admit the error and explain the oversight. Offer to fix the mistakes and promise not to repeat the failure to acknowledge the sources.

Ask for an oral defense

 Teachers know that students who copy cannot explain and defend their ideas.  A simple solution of proving that you did not plagiarize your essay is to arrange for a session where you can make a comprehensive report on the essay’s topic. Arrange it soon to show the teacher that you have a grasp of the materials and proof that you were not relying on plagiarized work to write your essay.

Prepare valid evidence for your defense

 Do the best you can to prove that you did not just sit and copy but wrote the essay.  Provide your outlines, notes, and drafts for the paper to prove that you made an effort to research and write your work. Provide any additional proof if it becomes necessary to show your skills or knowledge and demonstrate that plagiarizing is not your habit.  For example, you can submit original essays you wrote in the past.

Cite your sources

It could be that a failure to list the sources is the reason why a teacher thinks you plagiarized. Prepare a list of your cited references if you did not do it earlier to show that you conducted your research and ready to reveal the source of text in your essay.

Do not give up your effort to prove that your essay not a case of plagiarism even if attempts to convince the teacher to fail. Find someone in higher authority to give you s fair hearing and consider your arguments.