How Expensive Is Zurich, Actually?

By DonShook

Zurich is a famous traveling destination, due to its unique, picturesque landscapes, and the authentic cultural heritage. Nonetheless, in spite of that, traveling to Zurich can be an immense challenge if you’re on a small budget. The city’s economy places emphasis on the banking crowd, which translates into high prices.


Accommodation in the city is notoriously expensive as you’d expect it to be; the prices are even higher than in London or Stockholm. During the summer traveling season, namely, from May to September, the prices reach the peak. Therefore, if you wish to travel on a shoestring’s budget, you should definitely exclude this time of the year.

During the rest of the year, the prices tend to be a bit more accessible, but nothing’s fixed in this direction either. In other words, the prices tend to be unpredictable, considering the vast conglomeration of businesses that coexist in the financial capital of the world. However, if you’re lucky, and are patient, you may find some weekend bargains in offseason. Note that the hostels in Zurich are also quite expensive, in comparison with those in other European cities, not to mention that there aren’t that numerous.


Food is a tricky affair, when in Zurich. The vast majority of restaurants charge outrageously high prices. Nonetheless, there are plenty of street stands that sell sausages and other types of affordable meals. Therefore, at least, you won’t starve if you don’t have a small fortune at your disposal to spend.

In the meantime, the drinks are also genuinely pricey in restaurants and bars, but, surprisingly, if you purchase them from supermarkets, the prices are accessible, and you can save plenty. Just to get an idea, if you wish to dine out in Zurich, you’ll spend somewhere near 55-75 CHF a day. Concurrently, beers cost about 8 CHF, while most wines cost 10-25 CHF per bottle.

If you, however, wish to dine out, we recommend you to do it during lunch, when most cafes and restaurants run a special and meals are more accessible. At the same time, you should rather opt for ethnic restaurants such as Indian, Chinese, Thai, Middle Eastern, for big portions at attractive rates. Lunch specials are the best way in which you can fill your stomach with goodies without being penniless at the end of the meal.

Transportation costs

Means of transportation are also expensive in Zurich. However, there are some ways in which you can diminish the price you pay for your Zurich airport transfer, for instance.You can book your transfer well in advance, and this can aid you to obtain a special discount. Or, if you aren’t traveling to the city by yourself, you can always share the costs with your companion, and receive a better deal.

An excellent feature you should take advantage of is riding a free bike. There are city bikes in the city, placed at the disposal of locals and travelers, free of charge. Every visitor can benefit from this service, but you should first check its availability, to make sure it’s available when you’re traveling there. This is the website.