Easy Trips for Singapore Travelers

By DonShook

For Singaporeans, finding a trip for weekend oversea or long holiday is easier than many other countries thanks to the expansion of its flight network. While Europe would be perfect for a summer trip, there are endless choices from the neighboring tropical destinations attracting Singapore travellers every year.
Mr. Lim, a travel expert who works in tourism field for years in Southeast Asia suggests his tips of where to place some easy holiday from Singapore :

Hoi An, Vietnam
Since Silkair offered the direct flight Singapore to Da Nang, this ancient Unesco World Heritage Site is a perfect escape year round. The enchanting town of Hoi An houses an intricate culture blend reflecting through its Japanese Bridge, PhucKien Assembly, Chinese Temples and French-colonial buildings.
For 2 to 3 days trip, you can delve into the fascinating relics and historic site or venture out of the town to enjoy the unique basket boat riding, cycling along the verdant rural plantation or behold the signature of Champa Kingdom at My Son, another Heritage not far from Hoi An.
Beach lovers do not feel bored here since there are wide ranges of sandy beaches from Cua Dai to Da Nang city to choose.
Make sure you include Hoi An to your Vietnam Tour plan

Bangkok, Thailand
Located by the bank of Chao Phraya, Bangkok with its rich history from a small trading port to the one of Asian hub illustrates its beauty with dazzling temples, world famous market, colorful China town and chic spas.
There are so many things to do in this vibrant city, from exploring Royal Palace to sampling street food, from sunset river cruise to embarking an art tour and unwind by some of the most stunning spectacular shows.
Suggestion: spend half day to see Ban Nam Peung floating market  ( weekend only ), attend  shows at Joe Louis Thai puppet Theatre, watch a Muay Thai boxing game and ride a TukTuk sneaking into the heart of Bangkok old town.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
There is a call of Angkor Wat – not only for movie makers, it comes from your inspiration alike ! But Siem Reap does not offer Angkor or Bayon, it has more to offer whether you seek for a gentle holiday or an intrepid adventurers.
From Singapore, after a short flight, you can scan directly the major sites in Siem Reap within 2 days. However, to make your travel more interesting, keep another day to spot Kokeo, a hidden gem that does not appear much on the tourism radar. Active travelers should consider half day to 1 day kayaking in Tonle, the biggest inland lake of Cambodia, experience the floating village and their rustic life.

Bali, Indonesia
Ultimate Island Hopping Experience starts from Bali, believe or not, it is quite true. The reason why millions of people head to Bali every year is mainly for Bali`s amazing islands.
Studded by luxurious resorts, characterized lodges, Bali is a brilliant destination to relax: swimming at a pool overlooking the blue ocean, if it is what you are looking for.
If you are willing to learn how to surf, your lesson should commence in Kuta where the wave is overwhelmed. For those who feel like doing something extraordinary, trekking along the rice terrace or climb the canopy, getting down from cascading water with a robe would be as thrilling as you can imagine.
Last but not least, Bali Arts Festival is extremely alluring and it is a wonderful chance to pick something back home.

Local travel agencies now provide many interesting Myanmar tours for Singaporeans since there are more and more direct flights from Singapore to Yangon.  For 2 days, Yangon exposes giant Shwedagon pagoda, an authentic Buddhism site to pray for luck and health while 4 days tour allows you to go as far as Bagan, the world heritage site with more than 2000 pagodas and temples dated back in 11th century.
The culture of Burmese is very appealing for all first time visit and no need to say, you will love this city from British colonial buildings to Royal Lake, from Karaweik Palace to Bago Royal Palace.