CMO Steve Lesnard Brings The Gucci Collab & Reset Normal

By DonShook

The Best In Cold -The North Face Meets Gucci 

For over 50 years The North Face has been the premier outdoors outfitter. Now that Steve Lesnard has joined as the Global Vice President of Marketing, the very best is yet to come. Be savvy. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Check it out for yourself. The presence of Steve Lesnard is evident. He is bringing innovative ideas to every facet of the business. That’s because he understands that marketing is more than analytical number crunching. Furthermore, marketing is more than anyone’s task or notion. It is a conglomerate effort. Marketing touches every part of the brand.

The Gucci Collab has already been the buzzword in fashion though it has only popped up through a few pop-up shops across the globe. You can take a look at the collection online to get ahead of the crowd.

The Gucci Collab is the melding of The North Face and the Gucci design house. Ultra glam has met the bitter cold. The collection has everything from bucket hats to footwear. Top to bottom, collectors of this collaborative effort will be uber-fashion forward. The logos have even melded. The classic Gucci red and green colors have been glossed onto The North Face’s iconic logo. The design does not substitute for quality. The North Face has always been the best of the best when it comes to quality construction and craftsmanship.

This line will not disappoint either those familiar with the rugged beauty of The North Face or the trendsetting design of the Gucci design house. The line has won the 2021 Wallpaper Best Design in Exploration Award. The rest of the year is even more promising for the line as pop-up shops are scheduled to open across the globe. The shops are socially distanced and exciting to the eye. Steve Lesnard is luring the quarantined masses out of doors. Finding a new way to shop and re-imagine the outdoor experience is part of Steve Lesnard’s goal.

Enjoying the outdoors may be different as we continue through the pandemic. However, Steve Lesnard is not letting that stop The North Face Gucci Collab.

Steve Lesnard On Reset Normal 

It is normal for a human being to enjoy the outdoors. The North Face is taking on the challenge of bringing more communities into this core interaction. Reset Normal is a global effort to facilitate access for diverse communities to enjoy the outdoors. Studies have shown that communities of color do not take advantage of outdoor experiences at the same rate as their counterparts. Changing this perspective is the goal of Steve Lesnard and his company. The economic, sociological, and psychological reasons for this disparity have been studied and documented. However, making strides toward change is the action that is needed. As a result, Steve Lesnard has expanded the decade-old Explore Fund to include the Explore Fund Council. This is another great collaboration of Steve Lesnard.

Reset Normal, Reset Nature, Reset Mindset

This effort includes the goal of rounding out the personnel of the Explore Fund Council with a variety of innovators from different spheres. The first two onboard include the vigorously famous film industry icons, Lena Waithe and Jimmy Chin. Together, the Explore Fund Council will develop strategies to allow access to diverse communities. For many, this is a cultural shift that needs to be fostered by multi-media campaigns as well as other initiatives to welcome all communities to enjoy what nature has provided. The social unrest of 2020 brought the need for an expansion of ideas. Though the Explore Fund head has made great strides over the last 10 years, 2020 brought in focus the need to dig deeper.

CMO, Steve Lesnard Is Not Afraid to Dig Deep

No doubt, he has hit the ground running and has plans to bring his all to this role. With over 20 years in the marketing space, Steve Lesnard has found a sweet spot at The North Face. An outdoor enthusiast himself, he has a deep understanding of what draws people to nature. Putting his ideas in motion, Steve has shown his brilliant innovation in space.