Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Overhaul

By DonShook

Not only do maintenance and repair every quarter, the key to keeping the air conditioner in its best condition is regular cleaning and cleaning. This includes arranging almost all parts of the air conditioner—filters, heat sinks, coils, casing—to keep the equipment clean and tidy.

But in addition to these standard cleaning methods, did you know that there are two different methods that can make your air conditioning unit get a more thorough cleaning? real. They are called air conditioner overhaul and chemical cleaning. Please visit Mastercool Aircon Singapore for more information

In this complete guide, we will discuss the differences and main features of the two chemical cleaning methods-to help you better determine the best cleaning options for your equipment.

What is chemical cleaning?

Air conditioner chemical cleaning or chemical cleaning is a process of smoothing the coils of the air unit, air filter, and water pan using a chemical solution. Using such a solution to clean these components is an effective way to kill mold and other harmful bacteria. But besides completely removing them, the sugar layer on the cake also prevents their growth.

This process also helps to control your energy bills, because the air conditioner reduces the accumulation of dirt, dust, and bacteria, which can slow down the airflow and performance of the device.

What is a chemical overhaul?

Chemical repair goes far beyond chemical cleaning. Where the technicians clean the coils, filters and remaining water, they will also handle drains, heat exchange coils and even blower impellers. This process is also important to keep your equipment running for many years without having to replace expensive parts.

The technician looks at the entire air-conditioning unit to check for any abnormalities, and repairs if there are any. Choose from a clogged drain pipe to a dusty duct!

For best results, we strongly recommend that you perform such maintenance on the equipment once a year. Some benefits include that you will get fresh air when your drain is cleaned with other parts.

Chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul cleaning: a comparative guide

  1. Cleaning process

Chemical cleaning is a simple process of using chemical solutions to clean all types of dirt and grime in air conditioning units. It is strongly recommended for owners who want to kill and remove bacteria and bacteria to get cleaner and fresher air.

On the other hand, overhauls involve the actions of cleaning and repairing equipment-from removing dust and dirt particles to quickly repairing damaged parts.

Another difference is that cleaning or chemical cleaning involves partial disassembly of the air conditioning unit while overhauling the entire unit.

  1. Price

Procedure Chemical cleaning procedures are generally cheaper because they use standard chemical cleaning techniques. However, an overhaul may be twice as long as keeping the equipment clean and in top condition.

Our basic chemical cleaning program is available in four price ranges: $80, $160, $230, and $290. Our one-time overhaul package prices are as follows: $150, $280, $390 and $480.

  1. Effectiveness

Although both of these cleaning methods are very effective, it all depends on the type of maintenance your air conditioning equipment requires. If you are just looking for a basic cleaning procedure that is sufficient to keep the air conditioner clean and tidy, perform chemical cleaning. However, if you want to get a complete cleaning and maintenance package, then the overhaul is for you.