A Course Worth every Penny

By DonShook

In a bid to secure my E-commerce business, I decided to try out something new by enrolling for an E-commerce course. My job requires that I work throughout the week and I can only be free during the weekend. Upon research, I found that I could easily enroll for a weekend course held jointly by Lazada, Qoo100 and Carousell in Singapore. The course had great reviews and the course content clearly addressed everything that a beginner or an expert would be looking for. Also, the course was based on actual hands on practical learning designs. Some of the highlights of the course are include How to sell on Qoo10 and also how to sell on Lazada’s platform.

How to sell on different platforms

Selling on a variety of platforms can be very taunting. Indeed, different platforms require different techniques in order for sellers to do well. From the course, I was able to learn how to sell on Lazada, Qoo10 and Carousell. These three platforms ultimately ended up as my top choices for selling platforms since they have high traffic and cumulatively account for over 8 Million users. This means that sellers can easily benefit from this traffic. The course is organized by Conversion Hub – A Digital Marketing Agency.

Private labelling

Labelling plays a great role in making sells on E-commerce websites. Learning how to label your products is hence essential to creating a brand name. The course diligently covered this topic and made sure every single possible aspect was considered. From the course, listing, setting the right price and creating content were all classified under labelling. In essence labelling acts as the life of the products that have been listed. With strategic labelling, you are guaranteed more customers and better visibility when placed with other products.

Drop shipping over Conventional shipping

This course was very big on shipping. In fact, different modules covered different aspects of shipping. Shipping is an important part of business since it allows you to make deliveries wherever and whenever needed. Shipping strategies should hence leverage the logistics of different providers. One such strategy is the use of drop shipping as opposed to conventional shipping. Conventional shipping is whereby you first ship to your storage center then ship later to your client. On the other hand, drop shipping allows you to ship directly from the manufacturer to the client. This concept was very enlightening and made great economic sense.

Other benefits of this course

After enrolling for the E-commerce Course Singapore, you are guaranteed the benefits listed below.

  • 1 Month free access to Conversion Hub’s Digital Resource Vault. This center features over 40 other E-learning courses, 500+ videos, SEO databases and PR distribution lists. This package put you ahead of your competitors in terms of your knowledge base and resource.
  • Free S & 75 Google AdWords voucher, this applies for new Singapore accounts sign up.
  • Certificate of Completion this is in partnership with a SPH Associate Company.
  • 1*Free Refresher Course. This benefit allows you to attend the course once more within the period of 3 months. However, you are required to register before claiming this benefit.

Be sure to enjoy your training and possibly make something out of it.